About Me

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking your time to visit my little blog!

My name's Jordan Dakota Nixon and I'm a 18 year old girl from the north-east of England. I'm currently studying maths, french, business A-levels at Newcastle College whilst blogging on the side.
I love, live and breathe fashion. It's my passion and hobby. Starting this blog was probably the best thing I ever did. I just love it every time I go to write a post.
I also really enjoy travelling and I have so many plans on where I want to go in the future!

Anyways, I thought I'd just keep this brief as if you read my posts, you'll get to know more about me and what I get up to.
Enjoy my blog!

Jordan x

Facebook: www.facebook.com/stylespiceblog
Twitter: @jordandnixon
Instagram: @jordandakotaa



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