Sunday, 19 June 2016


As I rid my wardrobe's of jumpers, ready to get out all my Summer gear, I realised that I didn't have that much (I don't know how as I shop all the time??) so of course I have started scouring the internet for bits and pieces to buy for warmer days and my upcoming holiday to Spain. Here's my summer fashion wish list including affordable things and some not so affordable things which I'll never buy but a girl can dream right?? I'm loving prints and colours this summer including the pompom sandals which are a bloggers fave.

ChloƩ cotton voile dress

Caroline Constas white stripes shirt
£340 -

TIBI loose fitting crop top

Stella mccartney shorts
£370 -

SHE MADE ME crochet bikini
£175 -

Aquazzura brown suede flat

Mabu by Maria BK boho sandals
£130 -

Valentino orange handbag

Gucci shoulder strap bag

Self-portrait 2 tone sunglasses
£110 -


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

NYX Haul: First Impressions

NYX has been a popular brand amongst American Youtubers and Bloggers so when I heard that a concession was opening up in Boots, I was very excited. I love finding new brands and testing out their makeup. I was originally only going to pick up one of the Lingerie lipsticks but I ended up getting a few bits more - I couldn't resist. The prices were really good so it was hard not to buy more. Another great thing about NYX, is that it's cruelty free!! If you read my blog, you know I'm all about cruelty free beauty so I was really happy when I saw the words on the packaging.

The first and most exciting hyped up item I got was the Lingerie lipstick in the shade 'Corset'. I also got a matching lipliner which was in the shade 'Nude Suede Shoes'. I especially love the formulation of this lipstick because it's not as dry as a liquid lipstick but it's still matte. The colour is really neutral with a tint of mauve so it looks great with any makeup look. I can't wait to get more of these lipsticks because I really love them.

Next is the XXL Lush Lashes Mascara. There were so many mascaras to choose from at NYX but I ended up going for this one because I liked the brush. You can't really see but it's really chunky and has a ball shape at the end for your lower lashes. It's great for adding both volume and length.

The only thing I wasn't really impressed with was this HD Studio Finishing Powder. It's more like talc rather than a powder so as soon as you put it on your brush, it's so light that it flies away. I wanted to get this for baking my makeup but I can't get it to stay on a brush let alone my face. I wouldn't recommend this product.

Next is the HD concealer in the shade 02 - I usually get the lightest shade but it was out of stock and I really needed some concealer. This concealer is pretty good and application is easy which I like. I've found it great for covering up blemishes. It's good for lightening under the eyes but sometime's I find it's too dry to do that. I'd still recommend it for covering any blemishes.

Like the mascaras, there were a lot of brow products to choose from, too. I spent ages looking at them but I chose this 'Micro Brow Pencil' one in the end as it came with a spooly brush and it was nice and compact for travelling. I got this in the shade chocolate. I really enjoy this brow pencil even though I'm used to using powders or wax. It gives a nice natural brow which is good for a simple, daytime look.

Finally is this gorgeous eyeshadow in the shade 'Showgirl'. I don't know what possessed me to buy another copper eyeshadow as I already have hundreds, but I did. It's a really pigmented colour and it's great for a copper smoky eye. I can't say too much about it as it's just a simple eyeshadow, but I really love it and I'm excited to use it.

So that's what I bought from NYX. What do you think of their products?

Jordan x 


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette Review

Hi everyone, so today, as the title suggests, I'm reviewing the highly anticipated Alice In Wonderland Palette by Urban Decay. It's been sought after by makeup lovers everywhere for its unique design and bold colours - but is it as good as it's been made out to be?

So inside the mystical box is a mirror and an opening which reveals a butterfly - a nice touch but to be honest, I find it takes up a lot of space and would just prefer to open the doors to the eyeshadow. The makeup actually slides out the bottom and 20 pans are revealed. There's an eclectic range of colours to choose from: ranging from magenta to teal. There's a strong mix of matte and shimmer eyeshadows.

The palette comes with the signature Urban Decay double ended brush - one side for the crease and/or blending, and one for inner corners and highlighting under the brow. Both brushes have impressed me so far and the bristles are nice and soft.

Starting with the first half of the colours - these are the ones I've been wearing the least. However, I really love 'Lily' because you think it'll be a shimmery, white colour to highlight with but it's actually got pink undertones and it's quite nice to use in your inner corners. I was really disappointed with 'Dream On' because it looks so amazing and pigmented in the pan but as you can see by the swatch - it's not. I've also been using reflection and duchess which are a lot more pigmented when on the eye.

These are the colours I can talk about a lot more as I've been using them to death. I love orange's so 'Paradox' is a dream. There's also so many brown shades to choose from so I haven't been short of choices for my crease. My favourite colour out of this palette is 'Salazen Grum' which is a gorgeous pink/red toned shimmery eyeshadow. It's so gorgeous and pigmented on. I wear this shade most days and I like to pair it with either 'Royal Flush' or 'Lily' in my inner corners. 

I was going to get some snaps of some looks using this palette but my camera just isn't high quality enough for it so instead here's some looks I've found on Pinterest which you can recreate:

Overall I'd rate this palette a 9/10. I love the colours and the application. It's also good value for money considering you get 20 colours - more than usual from Urban Decay. However, the size of it is a little inconvenient as it doesn't fit in any sort of makeup bag and you have to carry it separately which is quite annoying.

The palette is currently sold out online but check your local Urban Decay for stock!

Thanks for reading, 
What do you think of this palette?

Jordan x 

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