Monday, 16 November 2015


Today's post is something a little bit different and unusual compared to the usual fashion-y things I write about but I thought this would be interesting for a lot of people in the same situation as me. I'm currently in my final year at college and everyone's making big decisions for their future but for me, things are a bit more simpler as I've decided not to go to University straight away and take a gap year, and here's why:

1) I'm just not ready
The main reason why I'm not jumping straight into University is because I feel like there's far too much pressure from college and society to go there. It's made out as if you have to go to Uni as soon as you leave college/sixth form or you'll have no future. But that's just not the case. If you feel as if you're not ready, then hold it off. Don't force yourself to go if you don't want to because you feel forced into it.

2) Expenses
There's no getting around the fact that University is ridiculously expensive, and as much I disagree with it, unfortunately there's not a lot I can do about it. As most of you will know, maintenance grants have been took away by the government which means moving out would be a huge struggle for me. So, I've decided to stay home, work and earn some money so life during University will be a bit easier!

Gap years are a perfect time to travel so I've planned a few things to do during that time. Hopefully they all definitely follow through but it'd be amazing to see some and experience new things. The main things I'd love to do are: spend a month on holiday with my family, intern in London, join Greenpeace and visit an economically deprived country and help out. Travel has helped me so much in my lifetime so a whole year of it would be amazing!

4) Focus on blogging
I've found balancing full-time education, a part-time job and a blog so so difficult due to the fact I just have no time at all and when I do have spare time, I'm studying. So, as some of you will have noticed, I'm super inactive and inconsistent with my blog. Hopefully, all the spare time I'll have will give me more time to work on my blog and make it fab for you guys.

5) Bored of education
I mean, I've been in it for 15 years... of course I'm bored!

6) Why not???
Despite all the major reasons, I'm thinking why the hell not? I deserve to just chill and have fun for a year!

So, there's my reasons for not going to University straight away. Did you take a gap year or are thinking of taking one? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear what you did/what you'll do!

Jordan x

Monday, 2 November 2015

Perfect Winter Coats

I think everyone can agree on this one statement... it is freezing. Well unless you live in Spain or somewhere. But, if like me, you basically live in the Arctic, or England as some people call it, you'll totally agree with me. Unfortunately, we can't change the weather, but we can buy big, pretty coats to try keep us warm. I do love a nice coat so here's my top picks to keep you toasty this Winter.

Jordan x 

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