Monday, 12 October 2015

Naked Smoky Palette by Urban Decay Review

So today's post is all about the popular, highly anticipated Naked Smoky Palette by Urban Decay. I am a huge fan of the Naked Palette's so I couldn't wait to get this one and add to my ever growing collection. I really do love Urban Decay including their products and their morals (shout out to no animal cruelty hell yeah!!) so I don't mind splashing out once in a while for their products. At first glance, the packing is gorgeous and minimal with a smoky (obviously) marble effect.

Inside the palette is an array of golds, to greys, to purples, to browns which created a very autumnal looking palette. Overall, I'm not overly ecstatic about this palette. It really doesn't compare to number 2 (my fave). Some of the colours are really amazing like dirtysweet which is a light, metallic gold/copper colour.
For some of the colours being so dark, I didn't find they were very pigmented also and had to apply multiple layers to build up the colour. However, one thing is for sure, it's an ideal palette for a smokey eye - that is if you want a very dark, almost black, smoky eye.
Something else new about the palette too was the brush - which is a bloody nightmare to get out. The smaller side looked as if it was for inner corners which left me wondering why they'd get rid of the usual application brush as it's what you use the most. On the other side, I was pleased to see a large, fluffy blending brush which is pretty good and one of my favourite things about the palette.

I was so disappointed about how the colours came out, they didn't differentiate at all. I was really excited to try the purples but they came out more black and very faded. Really, I only use the copper colour (2nd from top) and the whites as I find the Naked Palette 2 is a lot more pigmented and better for every day use. I am still yet to try a few of the colours, but I am very apprehensive after watching. Urban Decay, I expected more but I still love you and just hope you can bring it back with the next one!

Do you like the Naked Smoky Palette? Let me know in the comments below!

Jordan x


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  1. That's a shame they aren't overly pigmented, I loved the naked 2 and was contemplating getting this but might give it a miss now! Hope the next ones better :)


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