Tuesday, 11 August 2015

What I Ate Today | Vegetarian

Hi everyone, so today's a bit of a different blog post but I thought I'd mix things up a bit and show you the kind of things I eat in a day for all of you who want some vegetarian meal ideas or are just super nosy. I've been a veggie just over 2 months now and I'm loving it. There's actually so many choices and it's super easy. I'm not trying to preach here but cutting meat out of my diet has made me feel so much better mentally and physically, and it's helping the world. I'd love to go vegan sometime soon but for now, I'll stick with veggie.

So for breakfast I had a smoothie packed full of fruit and veggie. So, in the smoothie there were 2 bananas, 6 large strawberries, a handful of frozen raspberries, a handful of spinach and a tsp of organic matcha powder. This powder is great for boosting your energy levels and can help boost your metabolism. So I cut up all my fruit and popped it in the blender.

Alongside my smoothie, I like to have some lemon water for refreshment and to detox my body.

For Lunch, myself, my Mam and my sister walked over to a pub because who doesn't love pub food? They actually had quite a lot veggie options which made me super happy. I opted for the Mexican-style pasta boats filled with beans, sweetcorn cheese and other stuff. Surprisingly this was part of the healthy menu despite being super carby and cheesy and it only came in at 475 cals. It also came with a side salad and I pinched some of my Mam's chips.

I got a bit peckish around 3pm so I snacked on some strawberries. Here's me really enjoying a strawberry, apparently.

Unfortunately, I had work that night so that meant tea had to be a packed lunch. I was feeling lazy so I threw together a Quorn sandwich with some salad. I was a bit naughty and put some crisps in too. I also took a big 1L bottle of water to work because I'm always so dehydrated. Of course I had to put it in my fave Fiji water bottle.

After work I was so sleepy and my feet hurt so I just wanted to get into bed. I quickly made myself a cup of peppermint tea and had a low fat muller rice as I was a little bit peckish, and hopped straight into bed.

So that's what I ate today (well yesterday but that doesn't have the same ring to it)! Let me know if you liked this post and if you want me to do more of these or I could post some recipes and cooking posts/videos. 

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Jordan x


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