Saturday, 1 August 2015

July Favourites

Happy August guys. Nip and a punch for the first of the month! I can't believe it's August already like where has the time gone? I can't wait for August, though as I have lots planned such as Paris in 18 days for 6 days and then Leeds festival - it's going to be a wild one (when I'm not at work, of course). Here's some of the things I've been loving the past month:

1. My winter cardigan
Yes, I know it's the middle of Summer but be realistic, I live in the UK. July called for a lot of early starts at work when it's still a bit chilly and I want to be in bed so this cosy cardigan has been my ultimate saviour for those cold travels to work.

2. Birkenstocks
I saw someone wearing these at college and I instantly fell in love. They're the cutest things ever and I thought they'd be perfect for Paris when I'm walking around all day. I got these beauties on sale for £29.99 at Footasylum.

3. Mac Spice Lip Liner
I've used so many dupes of this lip liner so I thought it was about time to buy the real thing. I love this colour because it just goes with every lip colour. I like to wear it with Mac's 'Velvet Teddy' or 'Brave'.

4. No. 7 Face Exfoliator 
If, like me, you suffer from dull skin then this is your answer. This little miracle in a bottle is a scrub for your face and it brightens it instantly. Use everyday and rinse with water to leave your skin with a healthy glow.

I recently just found this website and instantly I loved the idea of it! Beauty Resource connects individuals with qualified professionals, as well as to provide them with a wealth of information on beauty treatments and information on the latest beauty products. It's so straight-forward, just type in your location and instantly you're matched with qualified beauty professionals (most of which are mobile). I can't wait to try this site out and get my nails done! Head over to to get started.

Jordan x 


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