Sunday, 31 May 2015

Shades Of Grey

Hi guys, sorry I've been so inactive recently. Things have been a bit difficult the past few weeks due to exams, work etc so I haven't had the time, nor have I been in the mood to blog. I feel like all I do is apologise for inactivity when I write, oops. Hopefully that'll be no more though. Exams are almost over and it's nearly summer so hopefully I can fully dedicate myself to my blog.

Apology over (and hopefully accepted), I thought I'd post an outfit post because I never seem to do them. I definitely prefer being behind the camera but I do like a good outfit post and they always seem to be so popular. This look is quite a casual one but smartened up with a longline blazer - perfect for a shopping trip although I actually wore this to a friends house. I was a bit hesitant about wearing and layering double grey but once it was on I felt it looked quite nice. This is definitely one of my favourite go-to outfits at the minute but soon it'll be too hot to wear a turtleneck which makes me quite sad.

Top: Zara
Rings: Pandora
Nails: Primark

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Jordan x 


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