Sunday, 14 December 2014

My Dream Pieces

It's become a habit of mine to lust over every luxury piece of clothing, bag or pair of shoes I see. I always dream of owning so many things and get upset when I realise I can't have them. One day, I hope to own a pair of Louboutins or a Céline bag but until then, I'll just make a post of all the things I want.

1) Valentino Rockstud Shoes 

2) Elie Saab Dress

3) Cartier LOVE Bracelet
4) Céline Bag

5) Burberry Poncho

6) Acne Jacket

7) Miu Miu Dress

8) Victoria Beckham Top

9) Christian Louboutin's

10) Vintage Chanel Bag

What are your dream pieces?

Jordan x


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