Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Year, New Beginnings

I honestly can't believe it's almost 2015! Seriously, where has the time gone? But, a new year requires a fresh start. So, if you like my Facebook page (find it here), you'd know that I was due to announce some news today and here it is. Yesterday, I made the decision to become completely dedicated to this blog, which meant I needed to make a few changes. So, I bought a domain name. On the 1st January 2015, this site will no longer be jordandakotaa.blogspot.co.uk but it will be stylespice.co.uk

Eeeeek, this is so exciting for me. It took me forever to come up with a name but I'm glad I've made that jump and my blog will finally have its own domain. Along with the new name, the site will be completely revamped with a fresh, new look. I can't wait for you all to see it!

The site should be completely finished and will be launched by the 2nd January at the latest. Until then, I wish you all the best for 2015.

Like my Facebook page for updates on the site: https://www.facebook.com/jordandakotaablog

Jordan x

Monday, 29 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas!

Hiiiii everyone! It's been so long since I last blogged- about a week I think? Christmas has just been so hectic and I was in need of some nice, family time. I hope you all had a great Christmas.

I must have been on the nice list this year because Santa definitely spoiled me. I got soooo many amazing gifts, all of which I'm so thankful for. Obviously I can't post everything I got as I'd be here for days so instead I'll show you my main and my fave pressies!

*Note: I am not writing this post to brag in any way, shape or form. I simply just wanted to show you all what I got.

Firstly, I got this gorgeous Michael Kors purse, to add to my every growing MK collection. It's so practical and chic. I was in dire need of a purse so this was a brilliant gift.

You can't go wrong with perfume, can you? I got these two beautiful perfumes from Jo Malone in the scents Wood Sage & Sea Salt and Pomegranate Noir. I also got Marc Jacob's Daisy Dream. 


I received this Ted Baker Kit which came in a beautiful box, which I now use to store makeup. It contained this makeup, 4 nail varnishes and also another lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and blusher brush which I forgot to picture. It's a great all round set including all the essentials.

I got Mac's Studio Fix Foundation in the shade NC15 as I'd been wanting it for ages. I love the coverage this foundation gives. I also got Mac's Vanilla Pigment. I'd seen a few Youtuber's using this and I reallllly needed it, so I actually bought this for myself. It definitely lived up to my expectations. It's perfect! I've been using it as a brow highlighter and in the inner corners of my eyes.

Smashbox do the best primer's by far! I have the photo finish primer already but it was running low so I bought myself these 3. It worked out cheaper to get the 3 small ones in the gift pack and you actually get more primer although it looks less. It was only £16.70 or something like that for the 3 mini's and £25 for a larger one. I also got this cute little lip gloss for free, too.

Now, on to my favourite makeup products: Zoeva's concealer palette and Rose Gold Brush Set. These product's left me speechless, honestly. I came across these products also by Youtube so I stuck them on my list to try for myself...wow. These brushes are amazing! They're so so soft and apply makeup with precision and perfection. As for the concealer palette, I've been using it to contour my face and it does an amazing job. My face has never looked so defined using this palette. I'd definitely recommend both these products to any makeup lover. 

Let me know if you want me to do a tutorial using any of these makeup products!

Bits and Bobs

Perfect every day essentials are a must! I've been loving these No7 creams.

My room looks so cute with these little decorations! I especially love the burner. I also got some melts to burn on it which leave my room smelling amazing.

My main present from my Mam was a voucher to get my teeth whitened. I'd been winging on about getting them done for ages as they're stained from massive amounts of coffee and Pepsi Max, oops. 
This Great British Bake Off Book looks amazing and I can't wait to make some delicious bakes from it!

This set from Warren James is so perfect. Its designs are so precise and elegant.
And, of course, what would Christmas be without a cheeky drink? I picked out this Versace Designed Disaronno because it was Versace, basically. I probably won't actually drink this, I just love the bottle.

I got this cute, little Topshop bag for everyday use and as an alternative to a clutch bag. I love the quilted pattern with the gold. This bag reminded me of the famous Chanel quilted bag, which is one of the reasons I picked it.

Finally, I got some gorgeous Strappy, Barely There Heels from Miss Selfridge. You can't really go wrong with some black heels as they go with everything. I loved the straps on these along with the faux snakeskin details on the heels.

So, there's what I got for Christmas this year! Like I said, I couldn't show everything as I'd be here for days but I also got bits and bobs like enough shower and bath stuff to last me a lifetime, plenty chocolate and other bits and bobs like nail varnishes, hats and scarves, pyjamas etc. 

On another note, I got a tonne of clothes (no seriously, my wardrobe's overflowing) but I thought I'd leave that for another, separate post. Let me know if you'd like to see the clothes I got or a look book or something in the comments below!

Hope you all enjoyed reading and seeing what I got. Let me know what you got for Christmas because I'm very nosy!

Jordan x


Saturday, 20 December 2014

My Skin & Body Care Routine ft Kiss Me Organics Matcha Powder

5 days 'til Christmas!!!
Eeeeeek, I am so excited and ready for Christmas now. Oh, what a wonderful time of the year it is: sitting in front of the TV with the fairy lights on, drinking hot chocolate and watching Elf; enjoying opening presents and spending quality time with the fam; and most importantly...Christmas dinner. Bring on the pigs in blankets!!

Anyways, since I started working at The Body Shop, I have been a lot more conscious about my skin and body and have began to take care of it a lot more than I used to. Seriously, before hand, I only ever used to use makeup wipes and moisturiser on the odd occasion but now I'm a lot more thorough and I love it. I'm already seeing results in my skin, body and overall health.

Starting with body care, here's what I use. I've recently discovered Mandara Spa and I've been using the scrub and gels mainly on my legs, and it's so lovely. I always feel really refreshed after using these products and they smell so nice. I also use the Moringa shower gel from The Body Shop which has a very fresh and clean smell. I prefer to smell fresh rather than fruity so this is a nice one to use. To finish off, now and then I use Soap and Glory's Spray On Moisturiser. I love this because the spray's so handy so it's easy to apply and you don't have to spend a long time rubbing it in.

I have never been one for buying extravagant and luxury face/skin care because I feel as if these do just the job. These Primark Deep Facial Cleansing Wipes are basic but do the trick for removing makeup and slightly cleansing my skin. However, I also use Asda's Creamy Face Wash twice a day for an extra cleanse. I know what you're thinking...Asda...but seriously, this face wash is actually really good. It fully cleanses my skin and helps keep blemishes away whilst leaving my skin feeling clean, fresh and soft.

I use these two moisturisers from The Body Shop Vitamin E Range. Both of these moisturises offer total, intense moisture for all skin types and after just a week, they had already worked wonders on my skin. I suffered from really bad dry skin around my nose but now it's completely gone! 

I like to use this Almond Hand Cream from The Body Shop because it smells amazing and protects my hands from dryness, especially in this harsh weather. 

Finally, not your typical skin/body care product, but I've been using this Organic Matcha Powder from Kiss Me Organics. I incorporate this powder into my breakfast smoothies. Not only does has it improved the quality of my skin, it leaves me feeling revived and refreshed for the day ahead and gives me that extra energy boost I need. There are so many benefits from this powder, which is why I love it so much. It boosts your metabolism, provides antioxidants and it tasted good too so it's definitely worth it.
View all the benefits here
Buy it here

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Jordan x

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Gold Is The New Black

Hi everyone! I can't believe it- I've reached 10k views on my blog! I'm so happy and it really means a lot so I can't thank you all enough for reading my posts and being there with me throughout this journey. 

Okay, now that all that emotional stuff is out the way... today I'm writing about yet another holiday look I'm loving: gold.
Gold looks amazing on everything and transforms any piece into a statement piece which is bold and glam. This metallic colour combines chic and extravagance to make a dazzling look which is bound to turn heads this Holiday Season. 

Here are my five favourite gold pieces which I'm loving:

1) Midi Skirt by Topshop (buy here)

2) Co-Ord by Miss Selfridge
(Buy top here)
(Buy skirt here)

3) Top By Nasty Gal (buy here)

4) Dress by Motel Rocks (buy here)

5) Trousers by H&M (buy here)

Do you dare to go for gold this season?

Jordan x


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Hamnett: Changing The World Through Fashion

Slogan tees are back and so is the 90's brand Hamnett! This week, Hamnett; created by renowned fashion designer, Katharine Hamnett; will be released back on to the market in Topshop and Urban Outfitters. Tees with infamous slogans such as 'World Peace Now' and 'Save the World' will be available throughout AW14 and SS15.

The unisex slogan T-shirt collection features signature styles from the 80's and 90's. 6 slogans are currently available in a range of sizes but 18 key styles are to be released in January 2015 to Asos and Topman.

These tees bring together fashion, innovation and quality to campaign on political, environmental and social issues in order to make the world a better place.
The monochrome prints make the statement bold and stand out so that these issues are pinpointed and can be addressed.  

"My mission is to change the world through fashion, make product as ethically and as environmentally as possible, with the best supply chain, the best social, environmental and cultural impact, alleviating poverty, and preserving traditional skills"
"Now it's time to make your voice heard. Changing the world through fashion"
-Katharine Hamnett

All Tees £35 in women's sizes XS-L and men's sizes S-XL
Currently available at: 
Available from January'15:

Do something different with your style and make it change the world.

Jordan x


Sunday, 14 December 2014

My Dream Pieces

It's become a habit of mine to lust over every luxury piece of clothing, bag or pair of shoes I see. I always dream of owning so many things and get upset when I realise I can't have them. One day, I hope to own a pair of Louboutins or a Céline bag but until then, I'll just make a post of all the things I want.

1) Valentino Rockstud Shoes 

2) Elie Saab Dress

3) Cartier LOVE Bracelet
4) Céline Bag

5) Burberry Poncho

6) Acne Jacket

7) Miu Miu Dress

8) Victoria Beckham Top

9) Christian Louboutin's

10) Vintage Chanel Bag

What are your dream pieces?

Jordan x


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Fashion Fave: Taupe

Over the past few weeks, I've been loving the colour Taupe. Although a simple, neutral colour, it can be dressed up in many different ways and adds an edge to your look. It's a great alternative to white, black and cream that will go with most colours. Add some taupe to your wardrobe this season!

Top - All Saints £128
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell £103
Bag - Calvin Klein £147
Jumper - Topshop £46
Scarf - Miss Selfridge £16
Purse - Marc Jacobs £175
Peplum Top - Missguided £12.99
Skirt - Missguided £17.99

Jordan x


Saturday, 6 December 2014

2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Earlier this week, almost 50 beautiful angels graced London, the heart of the UK, to perform in the world's most spectacular, eye-popping, thrilling show of all time: the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is undoubtedly a dream brought to life. Bejewelled lingerie, stunning set and beautiful models all make the circus-like show come to life. 
With performances from Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and Hozier, this year's show was not a one to be missed but with tickets estimated at around $25,000 - pictures and Youtube will have to do for now!
The angels arrived at the store in Bond Street, London last Sunday, ready to rock the catwalk in the capital. All wearing matching VS show tee's and leather, the girl's stopped traffic.

Dressed in VS attire, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande performed at the show alongside Ed Sheeran and Hozier. 


Taylor Swift wore a sensual, black lace ensemble and looked like one of the angels herself, whilst Ariana Grande rocked a sporty, colourful number paired with knee high Louboutins.

Models Allesandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima wore the $2million Dream Angels Fantasy Bras - something every VS model wants to wear on the catwalk. Every design was handcrafted by Mouawad jewellers using 16,000 rubies, diamonds and sapphires, strung together by 18 karat gold. 

The show will air exclusively to 4Music on the 10th December at 9pm but until then, view the complete gallery of the show here


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