Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Body Shop Makeup Haul and Review

As of last week, I officially work for The Body Shop! I'm so thrilled to have escaped from my previous job and into something I'm really going to enjoy and have fun with. As an employee for The Body Shop, it's my job to try sell products and there's no better way to sell them than to use the products myself and give personal recommendations and advice. Luckily for me, I got given five free makeup products of choice to promote it, which I have to wear in store, so I picked these five gorgeous items and seriously, they're amazing! I've never tried any makeup from the store before and I'd been dying to so this was a great opportunity to sample the products and see how they worked on me.
As usual, I will leave a link to products below the images so you can find them easily!

First, I chose a foundation because, well, you can't really go wrong with a foundation. I got the moisture foundation with SPF 15 in the shade 03. Now you're thinking "Jordan, a shade 3?!?! You're so pale, though!" and that's perfectly true, but there isn't actually a shade 01 and the 3 is lighter than the 2 which makes no sense whatsoever! However, it's a lovely foundation. It feels weightless on my skin, it isn't sticky, it gives enough coverage for me and it moisturises and rehydrates my skin with every wear.

£13 - buy here

Also in the face category, I chose a bronzer. I really do love bronzer and now I couldn't live without it. For me, it frames my face and gives it shape and depth, rather than just looking like a plain Jane. I chose the matte bronzing powder in the shade 02 which is just right for my light skin tone. It gives a natural look but can be built up to give a more dramatic look.

£13 - buy here

Moving on to eyes, the MUA picked out this beautiful quad eyeshadow palette for me because it was quite similar to the colours from the Naked palette I was wearing. I like to keep a neutral look through the day so this one was great. This set is called 'Shimmer Cubes Palette 30 Spring Bronze' which contains 4 neutral shades with a touch of bronze, shimmer and gold to give a warm, romantic look. *note, I did swatch these but the colours wouldn't show up on my camera due to the rubbish quality and lighting in my room

£16 - buy here (palette 30)

Next, I wasn't really sure what to get but then I spotted this eyeliner. It reminded me of the Benefit Push-up Liner because of the gel liquid and the angled brush which I really liked so I just went for it...it's amazing...seriously, everyone should get this eyeliner! It goes on so flawlessly and it's super easy to apply (this is a must for me because I'm not the greatest at creating an even eyeliner look). This one's the smoky 2 in 1 gel liner in black. It's my favourite piece out of the 5 because it's so pigmented and I really like the cute little brush!

£10 - buy here

Last but not least, is this nude lipstick in the shade 220. It looks quite brown and not very nice in the picture but it goes on as a soft nude. I like to blend it out so it isn't too harsh as I don't really suit lipstick unless it's Mac's Diva (don't ask why because I really don't know). I never really get lipsticks but I had to wear one as part of my uniform so I just chose a subtle one that wouldn't look too silly on me. I actually really like these lipsticks because they moisturise my lips which is essential in this harsh weather.

£10 - buy here (shade 220)

So there we have it, my 5 lovely new makeup products courtesy of The Body Shop.
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Jordan x



  1. Congratulations on the new job! Very exciting news :)


  2. Congrats on the job Jordan! Great picks, desperate to try the foundation.

    Chloe // www.chloexlogan.blogspot.co.uk x


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