Saturday, 1 November 2014

Quirky Queendom

Queendom of Oeuf is a newly founded brand which features a series of pieces ranging from tees to scarves, each highlighting a drawing by the designer. The brand promotes quirky and original designs aimed at individuals with an effortless sense of style. 

Each drawing is inspired by philosophical and psychological roots, and features elements of fun and fantasy. Behind each design is a story to be told.
Every piece is aesthetically pleasing and expresses the artist's playful personality and passion.

I find these dramatic designs full of meaning and emotion and they are an extraordinary display of talent. Her pieces are physically and imaginatively idiosyncratic.

If you are an individual who seeks directional and complex art combined with fashion, then Queendom of Ouef is the brand for you. The pieces featured in this post (and more) can be found here on the website.

Jordan x


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