Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Faux fur is what it's all about this winter. If you're not wearing it already, then you should be. Who can resist a cuddly coat when it's minus 100 degrees outside or a fluffy accessory to glitz up your evening wear? Faux fur is the perfect way to add glamour and warmth to any outfit. Here's 4 fab ways to wear faux fur this winter (well wasn't that a tongue twister):

The Classic Faux Fur Coat
Starting off with the most obvious and popular of the four-a big, warm, cosy coat. Not only do these coats keep you lovely and toast on a cold day, they add class and elegance immediately. Pair with a some jeans and boots because who said being warm has to look unfashionable?

The Fluffed Heel
Are these the most adorable shoes or what? I love the accent of the fur on the straps of these heels, they add a little je ne sais quoi. They really remind me of Playboy bunnies somehow too-in a good way of course! Plain strappy heels don't have to be so plain anymore so add some fluff to your foot to stand out from the crowd.

The LFD (Little Fluffy Dress)
Perfect for any night out, these winter wonderland dresses are stunning. The faux fur is positioned to flatter any figure and is sure to make a statement. Since being spotted on Victoria Beckham, the faux fur trim is coming in and selling out fast so get your hands on one quick!

The Finishing Furs
Finally, what is an outfit without accessories? Add some sparkle to your outfit without glitter and sequins, and add faux fur instead. It can literally be used as any accessory: from scarves, to head bands to keychains; the possibilities are endless.

How are you going to wear faux fur this Winter?

Jordan x



  1. I love faux fur this year, there are some gorgeous fur scarves on missguided!

    Ive got a fur jacket which I adore, definitely need some more items and you've opened my eyes to a few things I love (black topshop dress I'm looking at you!!!)

    Another faux fur item I've seen is bags on river island, and I think they would also make a great staple this autumn/winter!

    Chloe // x

    1. Ahhh yes a bag is definitely going on my to buy list!
      I just can't get enough!


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