Tuesday, 19 August 2014

London Haul!

I've had the most amazing weekend in London! I've seen and done so many things (mostly shops) and I'm now definitely well spent up- well my boyfriend is oops. Anyways, here's some of the things I bought whilst I was in London. There's so many more shops there and a bigger variety than in the North East so I took the opportunity to just go wild. 

Levi's £22 - Camden Market

Firstly, I bought these lovely vintage Levi's from Camden Market for just £22. I don't really have any denim shorts at home and I desperately needed some for my holiday so I took the chance to buy these beauties. I've always loved Levi's so to find some for this cheap was amazing and I couldn't say no.

Tennis skirt £46 - American Apparel 

Next, I bought this white tennis skirt from AA. I've seen so many people with this skirt and I've been dying for one but I've never had the money to get one (AA why you so expensive?!) but yeah, this skirt is really flattering and I can't wait to wear it on my holiday because it's so summery and cute. I really wish I got this top, too because it looks so nice with the skirt.

Blouse £10 - Primark
Blue Top £4 - Primark
Kimono £15 - Primark
Bag £12 - Primark

I learned a major life lesson when buying these items... NEVER go to the Primark on Oxford Street. It was the busiest place I've ever been and I'm pretty sure I got touched very many times because there was no room. Anyways, I got the blouse as I needed something to go with white jeans for the meal I was going to that night. The dress code was smart casual so I needed something sophisticated. It also has a lovely little flower mesh on the shoulders and at the top of the back. 
The rest of the items were last minute things for my holiday. I got the kimono because I thought it'd look nice over bikini's and the white would go with anything and I got the bag because I needed one big enough to fit a beach towel in but I thought it'd also be great as an overnight bag once I'm home.

Dress £25 - H&M
Sunglasses £8 - H&M

When I saw this dress I just fell in love with it! White is my favourite colour right now because it's so summery and pretty so when I saw it I had to have it. It was a lovely material, too and felt really nice on. 
Again, the sunglasses were another last minute thing for my holiday as the ones I currently have are really old and worn out. These new ones have a gold band on each side and look great and classy. 

Underwear 3 for £29 - Calvin Klein

Another thing I've always lusted after was Calvin Klein underwear. They're so gorgeous and I was drawn in when I walked past. I got these 3 briefs for just £29. The material is really nice and you basically feel naked in them because they're so soft.

The Real Steal mascara & liner £19.50 - Benefit 
Traceless Perfecting Foundation £62 - Tom Ford

I've been using the Benefit mascara for about a year now and I swear by it so when I walked past the Benefit shop I was lured in by a 20% off sale so I actually got the set for £15 or something. The mascara is great so when I saw the advert for the matching liner I had to get it. The liner is fab! It's an angled applicator so it just glides on effortlessly and it's a nice texture. Kind of a mixture between a wax and kohl liner I'd say.
Whilst I was in Harrods, I decided to get a makeover at Tom Ford as it was the first counter I saw and thought why not? The makeover was £20 but it was redeemable for a product. However, I didn't expect the products to be THAT expensive with each item averaging around £60!! So, I felt obliged to get something after the makeover. It did look great though and I don't regret buying this foundation at all. I just need a brush for it now!

Finally, here's what I got from my favourite place in the world - Wholefoods. I hate that we don't have one in Newcastle so I always have to go when I'm in London! Everything is so amazing from there and everyone needs to buy everything in this picture cos they're all fab (except the smoothie - that was kinda gross). It's definitely worth a trip so seriously just get everything especially the Joe & Steph's popcorn. I've tried two flavours now and it's just divine! 

So that's what I bought in London. Me and John also spent a huge amount on meals and cocktails out but the trip was worth every penny because we had an amazing time together. I'm off to Benidorm tomorrow with my girls Bethanie (@bethaniedanby), Beth (@bethperkinsxx) and Amy (@ammyrobinson) so I won't be posting for the next week or so. I'll be sure to have an amazing time!

Jordan x


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