Saturday, 12 July 2014


Finally!! I've been so excited to do this blog post. Yesterday was my school prom and it was amazing. It was a great time spent with wonderful people and it was a nice chance to say goodbye to most as it was the last time seeing everyone. So here's some pictures from start to finish of the big day!

So, I'd already gotten my tan, eyelashes, nails and eyebrows done 2 days prior to prom so I was already set with those. I woke up at 7am with excitement! This was my beautiful hair done by my Godmother. I wanted to go for a messy, boho kind of look. It took many hair grips but the final product was worth it. I also wore a flower hairband from Primark which was £3.

At 3.30pm, the MUA arrived to do my makeup. I went for a nude look with lots of contouring to make my face look more defined. She done an amazing job and it was well worth the money. I felt like a model! If anyone is interested in the MUA, her website is and she's wonderful! She's done work for the likes of Vogue and celebrities.
This was my embellished clutch bag from Very and it was £25. It took me so long to find a bag that went perfectly with my dress!

 I went to my friend Beth's house for pre-prom buck's fizz and photos at 5pm. My wonderful boyfriend and prom date had gotten me this beautiful corsage which went perfectly with my dress. It made me look so elegant. In this picture, I'm also wearing 2 rings which are both from Pandora.

We went to the school for 6pm to get picked up by the coaches at 6.30. The prom was a surprise one so we had no idea where we were going until we actually got there. We ended up going to Beamish hotel in the end. The venue was rather small but it didn't spoil the atmosphere. We were so lucky for the nice weather, also, but it was far too hot and I spent the majority of the time complaining about how hot I was.

I was so in love with my dress. I chose it because it was different and I knew no-one else would have this dress. As I said before, I went for a boho chic look. The dress was a vintage pink and featured two slits at the front which meant that my legs showed whilst I walked and I felt so sassy hahaha. It was a beautiful piece though and I hope I can wear it again or find it a home where someone will love it as much as I do. You can buy this dress from Needle and Thread (also available on Asos) for £200. It is also available in white.

Here's some pictures from the event. It finished at around 11.30 and it was an amazing night. We danced, talked and laughed and it was so fun! 

Obviously I was fascinated by the slits in the dress and thought I was Angelina Jolie.

Once we got home from prom, the girls got ready and we went straight back out to the after party. I wore a Topshop dress (£38) covered by a cardigan from H&M (£8). I had to wear a cardigan over as the dress was awkward and flipped up at the back and showed everything. My feet were so sore off wearing heels at prom too so I just wore my converse. The after party was fab. I didn't get too drunk as I hate being out of control (and liquid calories but yeah) but I still enjoyed the night. I ended up dancing until 4am until I fell asleep on the host's sofa (oops). There were also tears as I'm a typical female and get worked up over anything and overthink EVERYTHING. 

Overall, I had an amazing night and I can't believe it's over. I hope to keep seeing these people who made my night so amazing because I love them all. I'll definitely never forget this night.


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