Thursday, 31 July 2014

Trend: Summer Prints

We're over a month into Summer now and the weather is bliss in England which is a shock. So, obviously you have to dress for the weather and wear bright, bold things to match it because there's nothing worse than wearing Winter colours and print in the middle of Summer. Summer prints are all over the shops right now and I absolutely love them. They're so vivid and eye-catching. I've noticed that it's mostly striking floral and leaf prints that are in style right now and they're really popular. There's such a eclectic range of these prints too so it's never hard to find what you're looking for. So, here's a few of my favourite Summer prints from a variety of shops.
Cami Swing Dress £24.99 - buy here
Cami Top £9.99 - buy here
Skater Skirt £14.99 - buy here

Wow, Missguided have really upped their game with their Summer collection. It's called "Tropicool" which can be found here. I'm lusting over this collection right now. There's such a variety and it was really hard to choose which ones to put on the blog. 
The swing dress has a mixture of bold and pastel colours which makes it so unique...and I love the cute little pom-poms at the bottom too. The print is super girly and it goes great with the dress which is very loose so it will keep you cool in the heat. This dress is so sweet and feminine.
The top is super bold and stands out. The colour is so amazing. I love the rich green- it's such a powerful colour and looks amazing on white. It really gives an outfit a boost and livens it up.
I love the soft print on the skirt. It's more of a subtle print with subdued colours which give it a romantic feel. It'd look great day time or night time and can work in many ways and give many different feels. I'd wear this skirt with a white tucked-in blouse and some soft-pink sandals.

Playsuit £48 - buy here
Joggers £35 - buy here

Unfortunately, I didn't find that Topshop had a wide range of Summery prints this year which was disappointing but I did manage to find a couple of things from their Pacific Life collection which can be browsed here. Topshop can be quite pricey but I definitely think that the quality and prints of the items live up to a good standard. I also think that they, especially these two pieces, look quite expensive and high fashion for being made for a high-street brand.
This playsuit is to die for! I've seen so many people wearing this and I just love it. There's so much to it; the bandeau top, the skort with the split in the middle, the colours, the print... just everything about it stands out. I'm dying to buy this item (in hope that I can pull it off) because it's just my favourite thing in the shops right now. I've never really been in to playsuits much but this one is gorgeous and would work perfectly with the right footwear and accessories. It also features the bold green colour that has been used by Missguided too which just pops.
I like the joggers style that is about right now but I think the right pair is hard to find as some can give off a casual, laid-back but stylish look and then some can just make you look as if you've left the house forgetting to change out your pyjama pants. So, these joggers are very hit and miss but these one's are really nice. I have no idea but for me, they give off an oriental feel. I don't know if that's just me or if that was the aim... These joggers would be great on a cooler day paired with a vest top or tee and some sandals or trainers.

Swimsuit £30 - buy here
Tribal Bikini Top (top right) £16 - buy here
Floral Bikini Top (bottom right) £16 - buy here

River Island's Summer prints vary from other shops and they don't really stick to one or few styles throughout their collection. They don't feature their prints on much clothing, either but mostly on swimwear. The holiday collection can be found here. However, I'm not complaining. Who doesn't want to look great and stylish in a bikini or swimsuit? There's so many different prints that aren't available elsewhere and they suit many moods and characters from a floral grunge look, to edgy aztec to girly floral. With River Island, there's something for everyone and you're bound to find something no matter what your style is. Another thing I love about the bikini's from RI is that the majority feature a padded, busty top to give you that extra little lift which is fabulous for people like me with not much in the chest area. 

Prints are a great way to liven up an outfit and bring out character. They don't have to be expensive but can make a huge difference and floral and palm ones, especially are brilliant for Summer. Look out for pieces that are bold, eye-catching and unique and you're bound to make a statement. 

Jordan x


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Garden Party Ootn

The Sun is eventually starting to make an appearance here in the North-East. Over the past couple of weeks the weather has been glorious here! So, what better way to say hello to the Summer than to go to a garden party? This weekend, I attended one with lots of my amazing friends. I had a fab time and enjoyed spending time with the people I love. 

Unfortunately, this colour is no longer available at Topshop but other colours in similar styles can be found here

I opted for a maxi dress as it wasn't a formal event but I still wanted to dress up. It was far too hot for jeans/pants and my legs were too sunburnt for shorts or a short dress so I thought a maxi dress would be perfect. The colour itself isn't very summery or bright but I picked this up in the sale a while ago and the material is very airy therefore great for Summer.
I paired it with some studded black dolly shoes from Primark, a long necklace and some big sunglasses because nothing says Summer like big sunglasses! 
As the night went on, obviously the temperatures fell but the length of the dress kept me at a nice temperature whereas I'd be too cold in anything shorter. Later on, though, I did add a long sleeved denim jacket from Primark which went really nice. Denim jackets go wonderfully with maxi dresses and really compliment them. Another of my Summer staples!

Jordan x


Saturday, 19 July 2014

Beginning Boutique Wishlist

So, recently I found this online store from another fashion blogger and I'm in love. Their pieces are so unique and they're exactly what I love. There's a mixture of two pieces, pastels, prints and loads of other items. The best part is they're all affordable too!
I really don't know how this store isn't ridiculously popular all over the world because they have some gorgeous things. Therefore, here is my wish list showing the top pieces I want (perhaps need) from Beginning Boutique.

Coat £48.93
First, is this gorgeous coat. I love pastels right now because they're so summery and cute. I've been trying to wear more colours lately, too, so that I actually look female. This coat is so feminine and pretty. It'd work great with some mom or boyfriend jeans or you could dress it up and wear it with a white bodycon dress and strappy sandal heels.

Sunglasses £21.96
Ever since I saw Daphne Groeneveld wearing a pair of these sunglasses in the Dior Addict advert, I craved them. Like the coat, they're feminine and girly but also add a bit of sass. The Dior glasses I originally wanted were way out of my price range so to find some beautiful ones which were inexpensive was amazing.

Dress £46.73
This dress is my idea of a perfect daytime dress. It combines pastels and print which are two of my favourite styles this Summer. It's girly, bright and vibrant and I love the little cut out in the middle which gives it edge and flare. This would be perfect with some chunky sandals  or flatforms for a day out shopping in the town.

Hat £26.94
I'm so in love with these floppy hats this Summer and this pink one is to die for! Like what could be better than a PINK, huge hat?! These are another of my summer staples and I've been lusting over them every time I've walked into H&M or Topshop. I've only ever seen black ones and I loved them but when I saw this pink one, I fell in love. It's so bright and summery. It'd be perfect to wear on the beach with a bikini and a kaftan.

Two-piece £52.23
I don't actually own any two-pieces but I've noticed them coming into fashion recently. I'm not quite sure if I can pull them off but I loved the print of this one. I really liked the shape of the crop top, too which makes it unique and look expensive. I really want a two-piece and I am still unsure but this one really did catch my eye.

Crop top £30.24
Last on my wish list is this baby pink crop top (yes pastels again!). I also noticed that the model's wearing the cat-eye sunglasses with this top too. This top is really cute and girly and could go with so many things. This top has potential to match any dress code whether it be casual, where you could pair it with some high waisted jeans or shorts, or dressy, where you could pair it with a lace A-line skirt like pictured. This top is great for any occasion which is why I love it because you want to make the most of your money and get as much use out of it as possible!

There were so many more things on my wish list but unfortunately I couldn't post them all as I didn't want to bore you so you'll just have to go check them out for yourself at Beginning Boutique and let me know what's on your wish list! x


Saturday, 12 July 2014


Finally!! I've been so excited to do this blog post. Yesterday was my school prom and it was amazing. It was a great time spent with wonderful people and it was a nice chance to say goodbye to most as it was the last time seeing everyone. So here's some pictures from start to finish of the big day!

So, I'd already gotten my tan, eyelashes, nails and eyebrows done 2 days prior to prom so I was already set with those. I woke up at 7am with excitement! This was my beautiful hair done by my Godmother. I wanted to go for a messy, boho kind of look. It took many hair grips but the final product was worth it. I also wore a flower hairband from Primark which was £3.

At 3.30pm, the MUA arrived to do my makeup. I went for a nude look with lots of contouring to make my face look more defined. She done an amazing job and it was well worth the money. I felt like a model! If anyone is interested in the MUA, her website is and she's wonderful! She's done work for the likes of Vogue and celebrities.
This was my embellished clutch bag from Very and it was £25. It took me so long to find a bag that went perfectly with my dress!

 I went to my friend Beth's house for pre-prom buck's fizz and photos at 5pm. My wonderful boyfriend and prom date had gotten me this beautiful corsage which went perfectly with my dress. It made me look so elegant. In this picture, I'm also wearing 2 rings which are both from Pandora.

We went to the school for 6pm to get picked up by the coaches at 6.30. The prom was a surprise one so we had no idea where we were going until we actually got there. We ended up going to Beamish hotel in the end. The venue was rather small but it didn't spoil the atmosphere. We were so lucky for the nice weather, also, but it was far too hot and I spent the majority of the time complaining about how hot I was.

I was so in love with my dress. I chose it because it was different and I knew no-one else would have this dress. As I said before, I went for a boho chic look. The dress was a vintage pink and featured two slits at the front which meant that my legs showed whilst I walked and I felt so sassy hahaha. It was a beautiful piece though and I hope I can wear it again or find it a home where someone will love it as much as I do. You can buy this dress from Needle and Thread (also available on Asos) for £200. It is also available in white.

Here's some pictures from the event. It finished at around 11.30 and it was an amazing night. We danced, talked and laughed and it was so fun! 

Obviously I was fascinated by the slits in the dress and thought I was Angelina Jolie.

Once we got home from prom, the girls got ready and we went straight back out to the after party. I wore a Topshop dress (£38) covered by a cardigan from H&M (£8). I had to wear a cardigan over as the dress was awkward and flipped up at the back and showed everything. My feet were so sore off wearing heels at prom too so I just wore my converse. The after party was fab. I didn't get too drunk as I hate being out of control (and liquid calories but yeah) but I still enjoyed the night. I ended up dancing until 4am until I fell asleep on the host's sofa (oops). There were also tears as I'm a typical female and get worked up over anything and overthink EVERYTHING. 

Overall, I had an amazing night and I can't believe it's over. I hope to keep seeing these people who made my night so amazing because I love them all. I'll definitely never forget this night.


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June Favourites

I can't believe it's July already! I swear June only lasted like 3 seconds and Christmas was yesterday. So, with the Sun approaching, I thought I'd do a post on some of my Summery favourites from June...

My first June fashion favourites are stripes! I love stripes right now I'm wearing striped tees to death. I love the French look- it's so chic but easy to wear and they go with anything. I paired this striped boyfriend tee (Primark £6) with some baggy shorts and a chunky belt along with some gold jewellery. Stripes are great if you want to look casual but still fashionable.

I've been obsessed with bronzer throughout June. I'm extremely pale and don't tan so now that it's Summer, I needed to find a way to get a sun kissed look without it looking fake. This bronzer hit the spot and gave me a natural glow. I applied it just under my cheek bones, on my T-zone and under my chin to contour.

This is probably the worst picture ever but my next favourites are headpieces. I bought this headpiece from a girl on depop and I love it. I was originally going to wear it for prom but it didn't match my dress. I've seen so many celebrities wearing these headpieces and I fell in love. They're so boho chic. I'd love to be able to pull one of these off so if you can- I'm very jealous of you!

My final June favourites are skirts. These are 2 of my new skirts- both from Topshop. The behind skirt was £15 in the sale and it's an A-line skirt with a palm tree print. It's gorgeous for a casual Summer outfit as it's airy and keeps you cool. The other skirt is a patterned pelmet skirt with pockets. This one was a little more pricy at £34 but it was well worth the money, however it's very short! I'm quite self-conscious of my thighs so skirts are a great way to hide them but they look good. I can't wait to wear these pieces.
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