Wednesday, 18 April 2018

My New Business | Dakota Collective

The past 6 months have been absoloutely crazy! If you follow me on social media, you'll be aware that I started my very own business, Dakota Collective. It's been a very busy 6 months but we're finally up and running and I couldn't be more excited about what's to come.

Dakota Collective is an online women's retailer and boutique based in my hometown, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. We currently stock some amazing brands such as Motel Rocks, AX Paris, 304 Women's Clothing, Neon Rose, Wolf and Whistle and more!

Dakota Collective Logo

We also launched our own exclusive range of nightwear including a variety of sensuous satin designs such as night shirts and cami sets.

Dakota Collective Nightwear Range

So, take a look for yourself at our range of dresses, tops, bodysuits, swimwear and more over at Dakota Collective

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Preparing Your Hair For Weave Extensions | AD

Women are selecting weave extensions nowadays as this method helps to ensure that your hair add-ons don't get caught easily. Ensure you visit a certified salon to get them fitted since the specialist will need to make use of a needle to stitch the extensions onto strands of your hair. The most recent micro ring extensions are far better to use however, you still can't do them by yourself. You need to prepare your remaining hair prior to going to the salon so your hair stays healthy because the extensions are affixed to hair.
Ask the salon if the weaving process is going to be preceded by shampooing and conditioning. This is extremely necessary to the general appearance of hair.
Hair must be clean of dirt, perspiration, dead skin cells and accrued hair product. Use a top quality shampoo that doesn't dry up hair an excessive amount. The existence of sulphates within the shampoo can lead to unhealthy scalp and dull searching hair. Follow-up the shampoo with an excellent deep condition. This can stop your hair from splitting and breaking. It will likewise avoid the scalp from flaking. It's also smart to blow dry and comb it in order to de-tangle it. This is not really necessary but you will save time in the hairdressing salon.
If you're not sure about which shampoo and conditioner to use then ask your hairstylist. Also, the company that you purchase your hair weave extensions from will give you useful information on your hair maintenance systems which will go best using their extensions. Furthermore, you need to put on clothing that enables hair to fall straight lower the back so the hairstylist could work easily. 

The Perfect Engagement Rings by BBB Gem | AD

Moissanite Engagement Rings are an excellent factor that hold importance within the lives of people that are likely to get wed. It's a dazzling factor that gives sanctity for an engagement ceremony. It's a special gift that many youthful men and women imagine receiving with that great day. A diamond ring is really a present that may romance your existence. It is recognized as one step forward towards marriage.

Additionally, it symbolizes real love, commitment and lengthy lasting relationship. Because it represents a special event, many wait seriously during the day when their sweetheart with ring in hands will pop the question. You are able to profess your love with emerald rings as the beloved will enjoy the glitter of the gemstone. Both gemstone and love are forever. It is extremely important to find the perfect one for the engagement ceremony. An authorized online jewellery store is the best place and you'll discover a lot of rings in a variety of styles and shapes. You need to be knowledgeable from the requisite criteria based on which you'd choose your personal ring.
They can differ from simple metal bands, clusters of diamonds, 3 stone diamonds, eternity diamonds or any other jewel combinations. Ring design styles are as infinite as the own imagination. When you purchase your diamond engagement ring, bear in mind concerning the gemstones and metals. All diamond engagement rings vary by cost and style. You will get your gemstone studded on various metals. Platinum rings are liked by a lot of couples because it is extravagant in cost and style.
But nonetheless grooms with higher amount of cash like to buy morganite engagement rings. Together with it, you have to buy engagement rings for the marriage. Together they will symbolize the endless love and commitment for one another. If your engagement is near, you need to get on any reputed jewellery site to purchase your favorite ring. Check out the wide assortment of gemstone products at BBBGem. You are able to choose the gemstone diamond engagement ring of your liking and purchase it based on your budget.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A Night In Jesmond

Last week I was lucky enough to spend an evening at The Rosebery Hotel in Jesmond. I've never ventured to Jesmond before so I was excited to see what it was like. Located 5 minutes from Newcastle city centre, it's known for its student accommodation scene and multi-million pound homes. Within the hustle and bustle of the city, is The Rosebery Hotel which was a peaceful haven.

Myself and John were welcomed by Janet who gave us a tour of the hotel, showing us the highlights. It was great to find out more about the hotel and see the rooms. Usually, I stay in budget hotels like Premier Inn etc where it's very boring so I was amazed when I saw that each room was different and had its own personal style. As well, each piece of furniture has its own story so I really felt as though the whole hotel was thought out carefully and made with love, which made me fall in love with it more!

We stayed in one of the downstairs suites and I think I gasped a little when I saw the size of the room!  There was so much detail and thought put into our room with nice little added touches everywhere. This room was a bloggers dream with marble furniture and pink everywhere! 

I felt as though I was at home away from home. Everything you could ever need was there - including an abundance of tea which made me very happy. I loved the dressing table which was stocked up with bubble bath which brings me on to talking about the amazing bathroom. The bath was huge and I felt like a princess lying in it, with bubbles filled right to the top. Probably the most relaxing bath I've had in a long time.

I loved the feature of having a breakfast table also. It meant we weren't rushed in the morning to get to breakfast in time and we had plenty to choose from. 

Unfortunately we didn't get to see too much of Jesmond as the weather wasn't great but we did visit Santana's just down the road from the hotel, which was recommended to us by Janet. I indulged in potato skins, meat-free carbonara and wine before heading back to the hotel for a relaxing night of TV, tea and a bubble bath.

I'd really recommend this hotel to anyone who needs an escape and a relaxing night or so, or to anyone who wants to visit Newcastle. The location is great, the staff are so welcoming and the design of the hotel is just so unique that you won't find it elsewhere. Thank you for our stay, Janet, we will be back soon!

Visit the website here: for bookings and more information!

Jordan x 


Monday, 4 July 2016


I feel as if in these days, everyone and their nan's contours their faces. There's an abundance of products available and loads of videos showing you how to do it so you're never far from seeing something contour related.

Here are my essentials for contouring whether you're a beginner or just want to expand your collection. 

Concealing: The first step of contouring is to conceal. You want to choose a colour a few shades lighter than your foundation. I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Creme Contour Palette (light) and I use the lightest shade at the top left (most used of course) to conceal and brighten under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose, my cupids bow, chin and forehead. For something cheaper, I'll use my NYX HD concealer (shade 02). Both are very creamy and have great coverage.

Contouring: If I'm going out or want a stronger contour, I like to use the darkest shade from the ABH creme contour palette under my cheek bones, around my temples and hairline, down each side of the bridge of my nose, and on my jawline. A cheaper option is the Kiko contour stick. Unfortunately this product has been discontinued but there are many dupes out there. It's a lot quicker and easier to apply than the palette contour. It's great for travelling also.

Setting the contour: to set the concealer, I use the yellow shade from the ABH powder contour set as it brightens the area. I then use the bottom middle colour like a bronzer to set my dark contour. These powders add intensity and keep your makeup in place.

Highlighting: For everyday use, I love the Mary-Lou Manizer by thebalm because it's not too overpowering and it matches my skin colour. If I'm going out, I'll use this glow pot by Topshop as a base before applying Mary-Lou Manizer because it gives me that extra glow.

I hope this post has been useful for all you contour lovers out there! Let me know if you have any recommendations of products because I love to try out new things!

Jordan x 


Sunday, 19 June 2016


As I rid my wardrobe's of jumpers, ready to get out all my Summer gear, I realised that I didn't have that much (I don't know how as I shop all the time??) so of course I have started scouring the internet for bits and pieces to buy for warmer days and my upcoming holiday to Spain. Here's my summer fashion wish list including affordable things and some not so affordable things which I'll never buy but a girl can dream right?? I'm loving prints and colours this summer including the pompom sandals which are a bloggers fave.

ChloƩ cotton voile dress

Caroline Constas white stripes shirt
£340 -

TIBI loose fitting crop top

Stella mccartney shorts
£370 -

SHE MADE ME crochet bikini
£175 -

Aquazzura brown suede flat

Mabu by Maria BK boho sandals
£130 -

Valentino orange handbag

Gucci shoulder strap bag

Self-portrait 2 tone sunglasses
£110 -


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

NYX Haul: First Impressions

NYX has been a popular brand amongst American Youtubers and Bloggers so when I heard that a concession was opening up in Boots, I was very excited. I love finding new brands and testing out their makeup. I was originally only going to pick up one of the Lingerie lipsticks but I ended up getting a few bits more - I couldn't resist. The prices were really good so it was hard not to buy more. Another great thing about NYX, is that it's cruelty free!! If you read my blog, you know I'm all about cruelty free beauty so I was really happy when I saw the words on the packaging.

The first and most exciting hyped up item I got was the Lingerie lipstick in the shade 'Corset'. I also got a matching lipliner which was in the shade 'Nude Suede Shoes'. I especially love the formulation of this lipstick because it's not as dry as a liquid lipstick but it's still matte. The colour is really neutral with a tint of mauve so it looks great with any makeup look. I can't wait to get more of these lipsticks because I really love them.

Next is the XXL Lush Lashes Mascara. There were so many mascaras to choose from at NYX but I ended up going for this one because I liked the brush. You can't really see but it's really chunky and has a ball shape at the end for your lower lashes. It's great for adding both volume and length.

The only thing I wasn't really impressed with was this HD Studio Finishing Powder. It's more like talc rather than a powder so as soon as you put it on your brush, it's so light that it flies away. I wanted to get this for baking my makeup but I can't get it to stay on a brush let alone my face. I wouldn't recommend this product.

Next is the HD concealer in the shade 02 - I usually get the lightest shade but it was out of stock and I really needed some concealer. This concealer is pretty good and application is easy which I like. I've found it great for covering up blemishes. It's good for lightening under the eyes but sometime's I find it's too dry to do that. I'd still recommend it for covering any blemishes.

Like the mascaras, there were a lot of brow products to choose from, too. I spent ages looking at them but I chose this 'Micro Brow Pencil' one in the end as it came with a spooly brush and it was nice and compact for travelling. I got this in the shade chocolate. I really enjoy this brow pencil even though I'm used to using powders or wax. It gives a nice natural brow which is good for a simple, daytime look.

Finally is this gorgeous eyeshadow in the shade 'Showgirl'. I don't know what possessed me to buy another copper eyeshadow as I already have hundreds, but I did. It's a really pigmented colour and it's great for a copper smoky eye. I can't say too much about it as it's just a simple eyeshadow, but I really love it and I'm excited to use it.

So that's what I bought from NYX. What do you think of their products?

Jordan x 

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